Multi-Family Community Janitor - Asheboro
Job ID 1009
Asheboro Mill Lofts, Asheboro, NC


Under the general direction of the Agent, the janitor person assumes the responsibility for
the overall cleaning of the complex.

  • Advises the Agent of the needs and problems of tenants with reference to the
    maintenance of the complex.
  • General trash pick-up in all the common areas and assures that cleanliness is maintained
    around the property, including the dumpsites.
    Cleans the rental office, including vacuuming carpets; cleaning windows; polishing the
    desks and cleaning the sliding glass doors as needed.
  • Cleaning the laundry areas, including keeping the windows clean, tables wiped off,
    machines cleaned and cleaning in and behind machines as needed.
  • Dusts furniture in the common areas and vacuums and mops floors using the appropriate
    signage notifying persons of wet floors as needed.
  • Cleans the exercise room(s) and the equipment.
  • Cleans the technology learning center including desks; chairs and computers (with the
    appropriate cleaning solution).
  • Cleans the library including bookcases; tables and chairs.
  • Sweeps the walkways, curbs and other areas as needed.
  • Cleans stair treads, handrails and removes cobwebs out of all corners of all common
  • Cleans the elevator(s) on-site and stairwells.
  • Assists in making units “Market Ready” as directed to by the Site Manager or the
    Regional Property Manager.
  • Promotes tenant participation in enforcing the regulations.
  • Ensures that both tenants and staff are familiar with and observe safety regulations.
  • Participates in discussions involving changes in the existing facilities of the complex.
  • When an item is too large or complicated to handle, contact agent for instructions and
    ensure the correct handling of the item is completed following safety regulations.

Included Properties

This position has responsibilities which spans multiple properties.

Asheboro Mill Lofts
Asheboro, NC